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Ella Riley-Adams

I gather stories and people.

Ella Riley-Adams is an editorial producer at Vox Media.

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The Wild Magazine

WILD Nights: Inside A Tween Girl Art Dream

In preparation for The F#cking Limited 2, an art event centered around tween girl culture, we collaged from Seventeen Magazine and J-14, like the old days. We pasted glow in the dark stars and Lisa Frank tigers on the walls.

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The Wild Magazine

All’s fair in love and art, even on tinder

On Tinder, new media artist Matt Starr pushed his confidence to the forefront.

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The Wild Magazine

The Good Old Boys: Four New Faces in Art

We are all engaged in the art of sharing. Some of us, with our millions of duck-faced selfies, are experts in excess. Others, with carefully composed tweets and Amaro-filtered Instagrams, produce poised presentations. But whether haphazard or micro-managed, we are conscious of our images, and the way we serve ourselves up.

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The Wild Magazine

Kenneth Willardt's “Size Does Matter”: A Building-Sized Woman, Bunnies, and Augmented Reality

On 21st Street, attendees were greeted by Robyn Lawley’s naked body projected on the side of a building opposite 558 Gallery.