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I gather stories and people.

Ella Riley-Adams is an editorial producer at Vox Media.

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The Content Strategist

How L'Oréal Is Changing the Face of Beauty Marketing

L’Oréal recognized the potential for informative content that does more than parade or push a product.

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The Content Strategist

Agencies Vs. Start-ups: Who Defines the Future?

Agencies and tech start-ups live together tenuously. Start-ups disrupt the ad industry, creating technologies that allow brands to bypass agencies. Agencies fetishize start-ups, constantly running to keep pace with lithe, innovative newcomers.

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The Content Strategist

Meet Stephanie Land, the Ghostwriter Behind Gary Vaynerchuk's Books

Stephanie Land has written best-selling books on marriage therapy, entrepreneurship, and social media, but you won’t find her signing copies at Barnes and Noble, nor will you see her name emblazoned on the cover of each book.

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The Content Strategist

Vine’s Crab Lady Shows Brands How to Get Weird

On Wednesday night, MRY’s flatiron office hosted a woman in crab pincers, a man in a Chewbacca mask, a Play-Doh Miley Cyrus, and a parkour stuntman.

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The Content Strategist

SoulCycle’s Success Began with a Story

For an experience to border on the religious, it takes something more to ensure that customers and fans will feel like they’re part of something bigger. For SoulCycle, that’s storytelling.

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The Content Strategist

The merits of tweeting in character, be it guido or snake

For entertainment marketers (and beyond), is developing in-character Twitter accounts a worthwhile marketing pursuit or a corny gimmick?

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The Content Strategist

Let’s See if Great Content Can Save Myspace

It isn’t easy to found a fresh start-up that successfully gets people excited about a new cause or revolutionary idea. But it’s even harder to resuscitate a ghostly brand and drag it out of obsolescence

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The Content Strategist

Tech Disrupt: What to Expect from Internet Week New York

The #MadeinNY list steadily grows, and companies are hiring. Internet Week New York aims to celebrate progress, examine problems, and present new possibilities when innovative technology meets established industry in this city.

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The Content Strategist

Projecting Cool: How a Paris Bar Cultivates Cache Online

Three Paris bars are changing the city’s scene by serving high-end cocktails, giving people a good time, and welcoming online interaction.

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The Content Strategist

Banishing the scroll: Brands jump onto Tapestry platform

Betaworks' revamped app Tapestry helps turn brand messages into compelling little mobile stories.

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The Content Strategist

Giving Goliaths: How Big Firms Connect with Consumers

In the words of Susan Sobbett, president of American Express OPEN: “You don’t think of large companies as being real innovators.”

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The Content Strategist

Offering a New Manifesto for Web Content

Valuable content is no longer about eyeballs; it’s about connections