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Ella Riley-Adams

I gather stories and people.

Ella Riley-Adams is an editorial producer at Vox Media.

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Screen shot 2014 12 05 at 8.56.00 am article
Surface Magazine

Paris, Te Amo

A French bar borrows Mexican materials and design elements to transport guests to another world.

Screen shot 2014 12 05 at 8.47.24 am article
Surface Magazine

Room With a Zoo

A panoramic view of an
adjacent wildlife park gives
Berlin’s Monkey Bar a
playful twist.

Screen shot 2014 12 05 at 8.48.28 am article
Surface Magazine

The Getaway

Nestled in the basement of
Portland’s Ace Hotel, Pépé
le Moko provides a hideout
for travelers and locals.

Screen shot 2014 03 16 at 9.43.17 pm article
Surface Magazine

Local Motion

For a car-industry city, a designer employs optical tricks to create a space that evokes movement.

Screen shot 2013 12 12 at 6.21.41 am article
Surface Magazine

Quiet Corner

Beyond the lively lobby in the new London Edition hotel lies a room made for repose--and punch.

Bar Column for Surface Magazine